Thursday, 9 June 2016

'Katrin Koenning's remarkable exhibition "Indefinitely" is gracing our walls currently. Stephen took a moment to record his thoughts; "Movement changes the way we perceive time and place. Einstein made a big deal out of it, but it’s also clear to anyone who knows the dead hours of a long-haul flight or who looks at the world through the window of a speeding train. Katrin Koenning’s photos are about the migrant experience.They reveal the emotional states produced by movement: away from home, into a new country, into strangeness. In the midst of these dislocations of time, place and emotion, isolated people seem out of place, as though they’ve gone on holiday with the wrong family or they’ve woken up in the wrong country. It is an experience of loneliness, rather than alienation, because their situations are recognisable but not familiar, safe but not comforting. There is a soft melancholy throughout this exhibition. It seems that the true subject of these photographs is out of the picture, in either place or time." '