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Sleek Magazine / LOVE

'Wenn wir bereit dafür sind, greifen uns die

Fotografien von Katrin Koenning mit einer

 Wucht von Gefühlen an. Sie sagt von sich 

selbst, dass sie nicht still sein kann. 

Sie hat so recht: ihre Fotos sprechen, flüstern, 

schreien, entführen, wühlen tief und 

umfassen die ganze Palette erzählerischer 

Momente einer geschichte. Es sind 

Wahrheiten über Menschen, die Liebe 

und sie selbst. Ein Protokoll.' - Anja Prinz


Friday, 25 March 2022

Considered Environment: In Discussion


Centre for Contemporary Photography 


Thursday, 13 January 2022


ZEIT Magazin New Year Special Edition, Dec 2021

INSTALLATION VIEW: Photography Exhibitions in Australia (1848-2020) offers a significant new account of photography in Australia, told through its most important exhibitions and modes of collection and display. From colonial records to contemporary art, the book presents a chronology of rarely seen installation views from both well-known and forgotten exhibitions, along with a series of essays that tell the story of the individuals and institutions that have proved intrinsic to the public circulation of photographs. At once specific and widely contextual in its scope, this longterm research project from two of Australia’s leading academics and educators in the field enriches our understanding of the diversity of Australian photography by looking at what lies beyond the frame. Installation View speaks not only to pictures, but to the people and the places that nurture them.


Better Photography Magazine India

 the kids are in trouble in Maps of Disquiet,

Chennai Photo Biennale, Dec 2021 - Feb 2022


  Curatorial note by Arko Datto, Boaz Levin, Kerstin Meincke and  Bhooma Padmanabhan

Titled Maps of Disquiet, the 3rd edition of the Chennai Photo Biennale, reflects on the exigencies of our times: resisting majoritarian impositions, ecological collapse, and technological dystopias by reclaiming pluralities of thought, voices, and art, and building new networks of solidarity and care. In today’s world of highly specialized fields of operation, rigid chains of command and niche disciplinary focus, a space such as a biennale offers the possibility of rethinking our futures through broader parameters that address the complexity of the disquiet that we are experiencing.

The site of the 'Great Trigonometrical Survey' of 1802, the first colonial attempt to measure and map the subcontinent, Chennai today is an arena for the creation of resistant cartographies. The biennale illuminates the invisible realms of power and knowledge that shape our global present while simultaneously navigating contested visions of our global future. It asks, whose resources? Whose rivers? Whose interests? Whose voices? Whose images?



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Exhibition and Publication

Grassi Museum of Applied Arts, Leipzig Germany, Nov 2021 - March 2022

Friday, 31 December 2021

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 Jesse's Visual Interviews ~ Japan Camera Hunter

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

 Échappées belles, artistic invasion in urban space Exhibition, 

Saint-Gilles, Brussels, August - October 2021





                          Keke Looking Sad, Serious, or Gloomy All The Time

Keke and I met toward the end of my photography degree, fourteen years ago. Like all the people whom I love and spend a lot of time with, he began appearing in my photographs right from the beginning: here he is sleeping, here he is running, here he is floating. At some point, however, I picked up the idea that for a portrait to be "proper" and worthy of consideration, the person in it needed to look serious. Surely if they weren't joyous, laughing or smiling, the picture couldn't be "decent". As a result, Keke would often look sad, serious, or gloomy in the photographs, even if he wasn't feeling that way at all. How silly, I knew absolutely nothing then. Fourteen years later, it still makes us laugh.

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Ishara Art Foundation, September 2021 - December 2021, Dubai

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 Fashion commission - UNIF

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